NASCAR drivers and their yearbook pictures

10 comments on “NASCAR drivers and their yearbook pictures

  1. Jorge Felix says:

    First, danica was hot

  2. the everything channel says:

    Aww they all looks so cute. Yeah kasey kahne regert taking that pic in

  3. MidnightFire420 says:

    “That’s Eminem, dude!”

    brb my sides

  4. chiefsonic24 says:

    Holy crap its Eminem!!!

  5. Dana Chappell says:

    Harvick had a receding hairline then, too.

  6. dhario martinez says:


  7. 42dieppe says:

    That was good!

  8. Matthew Deal says:

    Kasey is my favorite driver, and I know lot about Nascar but never knew he
    had blonde hair!

  9. thegrimracer8 says:

    Well kaseys skills are slim and his drving style is shady soooo is that why
    he looks like eminem

  10. Seth Morris says:

    Go Kasey kahne

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